Teen Patti - Show -

Posted on 09:53 by Admin

The rules for a show are as follows:

  • A show cannot occur until all but two players have dropped out.
  • If you are a blind player, the cost of a show is the current stake, paid into the pot, irrespective of whether the other player is blind or seen. You do not look at your own cards until after you have paid for the show.
  • If you are a seen player and the other player is blind, you are not allowed to demand a show. The seen player can only continue betting or drop out.
  • If both players are seen, either player in turn may pay twice the current stake for a show.
  • In a show, both players' cards are exposed, and the player whose hand is higher ranking wins the pot. If the hands are equal, the player who did not pay for the show wins the pot.

At the end of game over, everybody will get to see the cards with the other players, the total money lost/gained by everybody in that round.