How to Play

Posted on 10:08 by Admin

The international pack of 52 cards is being used in this game and generally 4 to 7 people can play it at a time. The ranking of cards is usual from ace (high) to two (low). Before you start playing the minimum value or stake of a pot must be decided. After deciding the minimum stake or value, people out their money on the table in center of it and that money will be won by one person out of people playing this game.

Once the money has been kept on the table, the dealer will deal the cards till each person does not get 3 cards for himself. After distributing the three cards to every person, each player will be their cards to be the best set of the card in the whole game. Players have their option to bet the cards or play the cards blindly (without looking at the cards) or play seen. The ranking of the cards from high to low is as Trio (highest), Straight Run, Normal Run, Color, Pair, High Card.

The players can also ask for sideshow from other players and for that the player will have to put minimum of twice of the current stake. In the end the last step of the game will come i.e. Show! And if you got the best set, you are the winner of this game.